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Information on the Safe Use of Ball Stretchers

Reasons for Ball Stretching.

The question of why men want lower hanging balls would be many and varied. A lot would have to do with self-image, the way men feel about their bodies and the desire to improve or alter what nature provided. Another and perhaps more common reason to venture into the realm of ball stretching is the way it feels during sex and the added sensations when the wearer eventually comes. In simple terms, it feels good, and as an additional side benefit, ejaculation is often delayed through the act of stretching which is a technique that goes way back to the ancients.

The scrotum is like any part of the body and skin and tissue and therefore can be stretched. How far it can be stretched is a matter of debate, but some men have achieved over 30cm (12“). While this would have taken a long time to achieve and is most likely much more than most users would ever want, moderate increases of 12mm (1/2“) to 25mm (1“) in size are reasonably easily achieved. As with all exercise and stretching, the body has a natural tendency to return to its normal state. How long it takes for the scrotum to return to its original size and condition varies from person to person. However the gains made by stretching are reasonably easily maintained by regular wearing of the ball stretcher.

The methods of stretching vary from leather bands in various sizes and styles to steel rings, rubber rings and split steel collars. At this point we only sell stainless steel rings, rubber rings and leather bands. Our leather ball stretchers all can have additional weights attached to speed up the stretching process. However this carries some risks with it that you need to be aware of.

Important information:

Your testicles drop down when they are too warm and retract when you are cold. This is the body's way to ensure that your sperm stays at or near 36 deg C (97 deg F). It is a good idea to take a warm shower or wrap your scrotum in a warm towel before starting your stretching session. This reduces the risk of tissue damage much like and athlete warms up before exerting himself. This rule would apply if you are planning to have sex or doing your stretching routine.

The rule of thumb is that if it hurts, STOP. Take your time and work on stretching slowly. You will see results, but patience is the key word. You would not expect to be able to run long distance without having done a lot of preparatory work. The same applies to ball stretching. Anything that involves tissue, skin, blood vessels and ligaments needs to be treated sensibly. If you overdo the stretching you risk trauma to the testicles and spermatozoa. Other types of injuries include broken blood vessels, bruises, and the like. You can do permanent damage.

Because you are restricting the blood flow to a part of your body, getting the right size ball stretcher or ring is absolutely critical. At the first sign of pain or if there is a numbness or coldness or if you notice more pronounced swelling, then the fit is too tight and you should take the ball stretcher or ring(s) off immediately. Additionally it is not a good idea to leave the ring(s) on for too long, especially when going to sleep. A prolonged session for several hours can cause the blood to coagulate making it difficult to remove the ring. This can cause permanent tissue damage.

If you experience difficulties in removing the ring(s), try lubricants and ice packs. If all else fails get yourself to the emergency department of your local hospital. And don't worry, it's nothing that they haven't seen and dealt with before.

How do I get the correct size

Our leather ball stretchers come in 6.5mm (1/4“) increments from 32mm (1.25“) to 63mm (2.5“).
We can produce larger and smaller sizes as needed. Please contact us with your requests.

The following method is the easiest and most accurate way to establish your correct stretcher size:

1) Take a cardboard tube from a toilet roll and cut off two 32mm (1.25“) pieces.
2) Cut the wall of the tubes lengthwise so that they can open up.
3) Have a warm shower or wrap your scrotum in a warmed up cloth to make sure your scrotum is completely relaxed.
4) Stand in front of a mirror so that you can see your cock and balls easily.
5) Take the two pieces of cardboard tube and fit them on top of each other around the skin part of your sack between your testicles and the underside of the penis
6) Push the inner of the cardboard tube against the top of testicles and slide the outer tube up as far as it will go. Do this snugly, but without stretching the sac or any discomfort.
7) With a pen mark the point where the tubes overlap
8) Take the tubes off and measure the resulting size of the outer tube plus the bit that you marked on the inner tube.
9) The result is your correct stretcher size.
10) Select the size closest to your measurement. If in doubt select the smaller size.

For steel and rubber rings follow these steps to make sure that you get the right size

1) Take a string or cord and wrap it around your scrotum above your testicles. Make it snug, but not too tight.
1a) Alternatively use a tailor's cloth measuring tape and skip steps 2 and 3
2) Get a pen and mark the point on both sides where the string overlaps
3) Lay the string flat and measure the distance between the two points that you marked. This is your circumference
4) Divide the measurement by 3.14. This is your diameter
5) Add 6.5mm (1/4“) to the diameter
6) The resulting diameter is the correct size for you.

Rings are usually used in multiples in order to achieve the desired stretching.
This should only be done by men who have some experience in ball stretching and not by beginners.

How to fit your ball stretcher

It is a good idea to apply some non perfumed lotion or cream to the skin before fitting the stretchers.

All our leather ball stretchers have press studs that allow the stretcher to be wrapped around the skin above the testicles and secured. It is also very easy to release when you want to remove it. Steel rings and rubber rings are an entirely different experience. Because they are a fixed size you need to be sure that you get the right size. You fit the ring by first pulling the skin of the scrotum through the ring and then carefully pushing one testicle at a time through the ring. You can use a lubricant to assist in this task and is gentler on the skin.

As with all things to do with exercise, use your common sense and listen to your body.
If it hurts … STOP.
But most of all, have fun experimenting and enjoying this new and exciting experience.

Additional and in-depth information can be found on Jarod Johanson's excellent site. It is the alpha and omega on the subject and leaves no stone unturned.

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Information on the Safe Use of Ball Stretchers